Checklists (Chinese):

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Chinesische Checklisten/Chinese checklists:

Checkliste Kaufvertrag von Geschäftsanteilen an Gesellschaften/Checklist purchase agreement for shares in companies (chinesisch):

Fragebogen zu den wirtschaftlich Berechtigten einer Gesellschaft/Identification of the beneficial owners according to the Money Laundering Act (chinesisch):

Please complete the respective checklist on screen using Adobe Acrobat Reader or by hand and send it by post, fax, e-mail or bring it to us! Thank you very much!

Note: The checklist only serves to compile the necessary information. It does not replace a personal consultation. When submitting the checklist, please provide us with a telephone number where we can contact you. We will then call you to discuss the design and details of your contract and the further procedure with you.