AG foundation

You can download our checklist for preparing the formation of an AG here.

Please provide us with the following information for the preparation of the formation of a stock corporation:

  • Name, addresses and date of birth of all founders (shareholders), for companies as founders company name, HRA or HRB number and registration court (local court)
  • Share capital (at least EUR 50,000)
  • Distribution of the capital among the founders if there are several founders
  • Any contributions in kind
  • Name, dates of birth, professions and addresses of the members of the first Supervisory Board (at least three), name of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Deputy Chairman
  • Names, dates of birth and addresses of the members of the first Management Board (one or more members of the Management Board)
  • Person of the first auditor (who - as a precaution - must always be appointed at the time of formation)
  • Company (name) of the stock corporation
  • Registered office of the company
  • Object of the company
  • Bank where the first business account will be opened
  • Should the company's shares be freely transferable or only transferable with the consent of the company (i.e. restricted transferability)?
  • For all married founders, please also let us know what nationality and habitual residence they now have and had at the time of marriage. This is because if a foreign matrimonial property regime applies to a partner, it is possible that the sole participation of a partner (without his/her spouse) in the company is not possible or only possible with further precautions. With the information you provide, we can determine the matrimonial property regime and make suggestions on how to proceed so that you can participate in the company with legal certainty.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!